I watched some of melodysheep’s videos recently - a friend sent me a link to the Timelapse of the future. Even though I watched it last year, i hit play, and it blown my mind once again. I had to watch all his space stuff.

I have to say, these guy’s videos are on another level.

It’s not just the quality of the animation, sound and speech that makes these videos so interesting. It’s about the thought, that our planet isn’t the only place where events happens.

I think it can be very enlightening to think that the stuff that happens and matters here on Earth among humans is so insignificant. So when you are angry about something, encountering a big problem, arguing or even fighting about something, you should thing about where we really are: on a planet, in a solar system, in a galaxy, in the local group, in a supercluster,… Living a life that’s length is so tiny in terms of the universe’s “clock”. Being a part of a civilisation that’s so young and sooner or later may die too. A part of life on earth, which may be late to the cosmic life party, or one of the first? That there have been so much time for life to thrive in the universe even before life started here? And there is still like thousands times more time left for new life to thrive!

See, our real life problems, or “FirstWorldProblems” you might say, don’t really matter. In the end the only thing that will matter is the matter. I am a little bit sad about the current theory of the ultimate fate of the universe. Dark matter, how dare you! In kindergarden, they told me that when something ends, something begins! Seems it won’t be true about the universe. I just hope that some intelligent species will learn how to open a gate to another universe or something. I don’t want the history to end.. I don’t want our universe to die off together with living things.

The future is exciting while frightening. Humanity will have to face bigger and bigger challanges.

The first small problem is the one you may try to ignore. The one people are affraid to face. Climate change. Some people think that we are maybe doing some things bad, but it doesn’t damage earth so much. But in reality, earth’s devastation is going on really fast. Especially looking at it from a bigger time scale perspective, than our short life length.

Humans are just dumb, aren’t made to face long-term problems. Let’s see how will this one go.