Oh yeah I do, and I am only 15! I don’t want to age just now. what is wrong with me

I am scared of getting old

My grandpa gave me lessons about how should I not hurry with life. He told me how he and his friends always wanted to move to the next step - get the ID, become adult, graduate, find a job, move out, build a house..

Now that he’s retired, he realised how stupid that was. He says that once he settled down, time started going way too fast.

Currently I feel like I am in the perfect age. I can enjoy my teenhood, be somewhat free, do any funny things I want to. I want to enjoy the teen vibes but I don’t really know how, exactly.

When I get even older, I want to remember these times in a nice way. My fear is that I would feel I didn’t dig the best out of these times. Also I hope I won’t be remembering these as the best moments in my life. I hope much greater times are yet to come up.

Quarantine problems

Since we are mainly home for months, life became a little bit dull.

Time flies too fast

Monotonous days. Repeated routines. I am not exactly bored these days, but yu know.

Way too fast

What once were memories is now fog

This problem is tightly bonded with the one before. When you are just home everyday, you don’t remember a damn thing. Most of the times I am trying to remember what I did the week before I don’t remember anything. Fortunately a few things i am sure i’ll remember happened in march. so now it wasn’t so bad.

How to make life not dull

I would like to achieve some diversity in the things I do. So when I remember a certain period in my life something nice and special comes to my mind.

How exactly achieve this state in this world? TODO.